Evil Has a Name
by James McAfee www.JamesTMcAfee.com

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I'm James McAfee, author of Evil Has a Name.

About the Author
James McAfee was born and raised in Indiana, where he is a proud husband and father. Evil Has a Name is his second novel.

About my latest book, Evil Has a Name

Evil has many namesSatan, Beelzebub, Luciferbut for Father Gabriel Martin, thesenames pale beside Lucinda. Father Martin is given a direct order by God: destroy an evil child, one who could bring about the downfall of mankind. The child's name is Lucinda: a seed of Satan himself. But Father Martin fails in his task, unable to slaughter what appears to be an innocent.

For punishment, he is banished to walk the earth for five hundred years, casting evil back to hell until his penance is paid. Father Martin does his job well. He fights the evil and serves the God he betrayed. Even so, there is another purpose to his wandering. Father Martin seeks Lucinda, escaped and still alive, in order to set his indiscretion right and finally redeem himself from worldly damnation.

James McAfee's Evil Has a Name is a terrifying journey into an unseen supernatural battle between good and evil. Father Martin will stop at nothing in his hunt for the seductive Lucinda. He chases her around the world, never stopping, never ceasing. He has seen evil on the face of the earth, and he will fight to send darkness back to hell ... perhaps even at the price of his own soul.